Effects of fatigue on driving

In general, fatigue affects task performance: a reduction in alertness, longer reaction times, memory problems, poorer psychometric coordination, and less efficient information processing [65]. Fatigue also has an effect on task motivation. The motivation to carry out a task diminishes, the communication and interaction with the surroundings deteriorates, and one gets irritated more quickly and reacts more aggressively towards people and things [15].


Fatigue leads to diminished actual performance and decreased motivation to perform. Not surprisingly, these general effects on task performance are mirrored by similar effects when the task concerns driving. Fatigue has specific consequences for Driving behaviour. Drivers may use Compensatory strategies to (try to) ward of effects of fatigue. A separate phenomenon from fatigue but often linked to it is Driving without awareness. Finally, it should be kept in mind that there are Individual differences in how persons react and cope with fatigue. Conclusions are given in the closing subsection.


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