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What can ERSO offer you?
Did you know what road accidents account for up to two fifth of all deaths among young people? ERSO is the right place to be if you want to know more about the magnitude of the problem, prevalence and countermeasures.
The Knowledge base of ERSO also offers in-depth information* about:




But there is more!
Perhaps you might also want to know the amount of fatal road accidents among young people in your country. ERSO offers a Statistical Report that serves as a reference document from which the broader public but also road safety experts are able to retrieve interesting data.
The Data section of ERSO also offers other information about road safety related data:


There is still more!
Maybe you also want to know what organisation you can contact for a response on this information.
The Links base of ERSO offers over 250 links to various road safety organisations, campaigns, projects and so on. These links are categorized by alphabet, country name, focus and name of organisation. These is also a listing of all road safety related events and conferences.


*All information on ERSO is scientifically founded, easy to read, ready to use and written by renowned road safety experts.

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