Statistical Report

The Annual Statistical Report 2008 gives a detailed insight into road accident data in up to 19 EU Member States (EU-15 and EU-20 without Germany).


This report serves as a reference document from which the broader public but also road safety experts are able to retrieve interesting data. The Annual Statistical Report 2007 covers accident data over the period 1997-2006.


Structure of the Annual Statistical Report 2008:

Overview major issues

Time Series last 10 years

  • General time series
  • Time series related to mode of transport
  • Time series related to person age and gender

Fatalities 2006

  • People involved
  • Modes of transport
  • Accident characteristics

Fatal accidents 2006

  • Various period of time
  • Type of area / road
  • Type of junction
  • Weather conditions

At the end of the report a glossary of CARE definitions further clarifies the selected accident variables.


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