SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, The Netherlands

Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV) – THE NETHERLANDS

SWOV is the centre point for road safety research in the Netherlands and was founded in 1962. SWOV’s objective is to contribute to road safety by means of scientific research and dissemination of the results. The position that the Netherlands has acquired in the field of road safety makes SWOV recognised throughout the world. About 40 researchers, plus supporting staff, work on nine defined themes, which cover the areas of the road user, vehicles, the road infrastructure, telematics, analysis of road safety, understanding the road transport process and support of decision-making processes in this field.

SWOV has conducted or commissioned numerous studies, published over one thousand papers and organised meetings and many conferences. SWOV has also participated in various projects sponsored by the European authorities. These projects include: HOPES, SAMOVAR, SARTRE, SAFESTAR, GADGET, MASTER, ARROWS, ADONIS, DUMAS, PROMISING, COMPATIBILITY, ADVISORS, ALCOLOCKS, SUNFLOWER, IMMORTAL and PENDANT.


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