Road Directorate - Ministry of Transport – Denmark

Road Directorate, Ministry of Transport - DENMARK

As a government agency, the Road Directorate is the tool used by the public, the parliament, the government and the Ministry of Transport to promote and bring about the desired development of Danish roads and thus road transport in Denmark. The insight into road transport conditions benefits Danish society by providing a coherent and well-functioning infrastructure adapted to citizen and road user requirements on reliability, safety, service, the environment, aesthetics and cost. Through planning, construction, operation, service and maintenance, the Road Directorate exerts a direct influence on this essential element of the Danish transport scene. Local and regional authorities manage the other approx. 70,000 km of roads, applying tools developed by or in cooperation with the Road Directorate. This calls for cross-sector cooperation in a wide range of areas. The Road Sector Information System, VIS, is a nationwide road data bank, owned by the Road Directorate and the 14 regional authorities jointly. The system contains regularly updated data for all national and regional roads. The data cover roads, bridges, pavements, traffic and accidents. The accident data also cover all local roads.


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