Institut Belge pour la Sécurité Routičre, Belgium

The Belgian Road Safety Institute (IBSR) - BELGIUM

The Belgian Road Safety Institute is an official non-profit organization, which depends on the Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport. The Minister of Mobility and Transport is president of the Institute. His board of directors includes representatives of public authorities (Federal Public Services for Mobility and Transport and Regional Ministries of Transport and Infrastructure, Federal Public Service of Justice, Home Office, State and local police forces) and of the private sector (technical vehicle inspection, insurance companies, the federation of motor vehicle manufacturers and automobile associations). Pedestrians and cyclists are also represented. The Institute's general aim is to improve road safety and the road usability by means of information and education and by study and research. In this field, the Institute's mission is to advise and support, to represent, to co-ordinate and carry out the authority assignments. The Institute’s activities concern the three components of road safety: the road user, the vehicle and the road environment. The IBSR has participated in various projects sponsored by the European Commission. These projects include SARTRE, AGILE, AWAKE, TRAINER, CONSENSUS, QUAVADIS, and EAR.


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