Chalmers University, Sweden

Chalmers University of Technology, Crash Safety Division – SWEDEN

The CTH Crash Safety division was initiated in the early 1970’s and has become a respected source of injury biomechanics and crash safety research. The core research activity at the Crash Safety Division is the interaction between vehicles and road users. This research has focused on injury biomechanics through a combination of epidemiological, experimental and theoretical (simulation) research activities. Among road safety research activities at the Crash Safety Division are

  • Injury epidemiology of motor vehicle accidents
  • Biomechanics of research of injury mechanisms and tolerance levels
  • Development of mathematical models of vehicle/occupant systems
  • Development of principles for protective systems applicable to all road users
  • Testing of motor vehicles and their components
  • Development of test procedures

The crash Safety Division has a staff of 20 made up of senior researchers, PhD students, research engineers and industry researchers. There is a broad range of expertise within the group. Current research projects at the department include national and international research projects in road safety including the EC-funded projects RISER, HUMOS, PENDANT, CHILD and VC-COMPAT. Chalmers is also an active part of the Thematic Network European Passive Safety Network II.


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