Centrum dopravního výzkumu (Transport Research Centre), Czech Republic

Centrum Dopavniho Vyzkumu (Transport Research Centre) - CDV – CZECH REPUBLIC

CDV is the only state research institute under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. It provides scientific research and technological development activities in all transport fields.

Both local and national authorities use results of CDV-wide activities and they contribute to transport development in significant way.

ISO EN 9100 awarded CDV as the first research institute in the Czech transport sector in 2001.In accordance with its designated role, the CDV acts in the following areas:

  • Transport policy of the Czech Republic
  • Program of research and development in transport field for years 2001 to 2003.
  • Statute proposal for Co-ordination Board of the research and development in the transport sector
  • Preparation for priorities determination in applied research in transport field

In accordance with its assignment CDV solves:

  • Projects of research and development for the Ministry of Transport

Research programme of the CDV supporting development of the special transport research areas. Other activities of CDV include;

  • Operation of National Transport Information System (NADIS)
  • Publishing of the annual Transport Yearbook
  • Database administration on Czech and EU transport standards
  • Development and maintenance of a comprehensive set of information on transport and the environment, including forecasting
  • Elaboration of a section dedicated to transport in the annual report on the state of environment in the Czech Republic.
  • Maintenance of Czech statistic inputs into international database on road accidents (IRTAD)
  • Preparation of standpoints and suggestions on the development of transport domains

Development of technical interconnection between the information system of the Transport Research Centre and the Czech Ministry of Transport.


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