Centre d'Etudes Technique de l'Equipement du Sud Ouest, France

CETE du Sud Ouest (CETE S-O) - FRANCE

CETE SO is public consulting firm under the French Ministry of Land and Urban Planning, Transport and Housing. Seven CETEs cover the French territory and operate as a scientific network under the co-ordination of central agencies.

The CETE SO has several departments carrying out studies or research in a wide range of fields including:

  • Transport (methodological studies and economic assessment)
  • Traffic management:
  • Road Safety
  • highway design
  • urban planning
  • computer science
  • the environment

In each of these fields the CETE SO is able to propose objective technical solutions in the service of public interest. Its activities can take many very different forms. CETE SO was co-ordinator of CARE PLUS 1 and 2 projects (DG VII) (European Road accident database) from 1996 to 2000. CETE SO was also partner of the STAIRS, PLEIADES, MELYSSA and DESPINA projects and is now involved in the SERTI, ARTS and MULETA, ASTERYX, ROSEBUD and PENDANT.


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