Benefits of work related safety

A range of benefits have been identified with managing work-related road safety as illustrated in the example below.


Benefits of managing work-related road safety (HSE [30])

  • Control over costs, such as wear and tear, fuel, insurance premiums, legal fees and claims from employees and third parties
  • Informed decisions about matters such as driver training and vehicle purchase and identifying where health and safety improvements can be made
  • Fewer days lost due to injury
  • Reduced risk of work-related ill health
  • Reduced stress and improved morale
  • Less need for investigation and paperwork
  • Less lost time due to work rescheduling
  • Fewer vehicles off the road for repair
  • Reduced running costs through better driving standards; fewer missed orders and business opportunities so reduced risk of losing the goodwill of customers
  • Less chance of key employees being banned from driving, e.g. as a result of points on their licences
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