Driver fatigue countermeasures may be directed at drivers, transport companies, roads, or vehicles. Drivers may learn how to prevent driver fatigue by campaigns. Transport companies can introduce special policies to educate both drivers and management about the problem. Roads may be equipped with edgelines or centrelines that provide audio-tactile feedback when crossed over. In the future, legislation concerning working and rest hours may be further improved and vehicles can be equipped with devices that detect fatigue-related decrements in driver performance.


Below further attention is paid to particular countermeasures. We start out with the most general countermeasure Publicity campaigns. Since nearly all drivers have to cope with fatigued driving at least once in a while, general public education is an indispensable part of a countermeasure strategy. Next, we discuss more specific countermeasures such as, future possibilities for producing In-vehicle detection and warning devices and Legislation and enforcement. The discussion of countermeasures closes with a view on Fatigue management programs. The next section discusses the Need for further knowledge on countermeasures. This section closes with Conclusions.


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