Knowledge gaps

Relatively recent international overviews of research needs for vehicle safety have been carried out. A progress report of recent research undertaken by the EEVC was presented in 2005 and by the EU. In 2001 the priorities for EU-wide research in vehicle safety design were identified by the European Transport Safety Council [84] [42]. The International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Impact is conducting a comprehensive review. The Advanced European Passive Safety Network provides a forum for co-operation in vehicle safety research and has produced a roadmap for vehicle safety research.


Current issues include the need for better understanding about the epidemiology of traffic injury in crashes involving vehicles, research into areas of biomechanics, such as the biomechanics of children, soft tissue injury and tolerance limits of different body regions. How can design protect occupants of different shapes and sizes and in different crash conditions? How can crash protection design take account of real world needs rather than meet specific test conditions? How far can crash avoidance approaches contribute to vehicle safety? How does the driver adapt to different vehicle measures? What are the implications of a mixed vehicle fleet with differing capabilities and technologies? A brief summary of research needs as identified by the international organisations is presented below:


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