This web text is based on the detailed OECD report Young Drivers: the Road to Safety has been published at the end of 2006 [27], which presents a broad international overview. The report was produced by a large group of experts in the field: policy makers and researchers. Furthermore, it was sent to an even larger group of experts in almost every corner of the world for consultation. This web text is not as detailed as the OECD report. Because the OECD report has an extensive reference list, this web text contains few references to individual studies and concentrates on studies commissioned by the European Commission.

For recent data on this topic you can read the Traffic Safety Basic Facts, 2005: Young people (aged 16-24). The tables in this web text are meant to illustrate the patterns that are discussed. The data was collected for the purpose of the OECD report, and will not be updated in the coming years.


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