Young people

The Basic Fact Sheet Young People provides accident data for 14 EU countries (EU-15 without Germany) over the period 1997-2006. The fact sheet includes several basic characteristics of fatal road accidents involving young people. For example: age and person class, mode of transport, gender, area and road type, day of the week and time of the day or the seasonality.


In general, young people worldwide are far more likely to be victims of road accidents than people in any other age group. More than 67.500 persons aged 16-24 years old were killed in traffic accidents, in 14 European Union countries (EU-15, without Germany) within the decade 1997 - 2006. This number represents approximately a quarter of all traffic accident fatalities in those countries (20,4%). (see Figure 1).

Fact: Young people are at almost twice the risk of being killed in a road accident than the average member of the population across the EU-19 countries as a whole.

Fact: Males account for more than 89% of the overall fatalities of young people.


Figure 1: Proportion of young people in population and in traffic fatalities in the EU-19, 2006

Source: CARE Database / EC

Date of query: September 2008

Source of population data: EUROSTAT


For information on young people, the scientific studies on the magnitude and nature of the safety problem, the contributing accident factors, and the effectiveness of countermeasures, please consult the Novice Drivers text on the Knowledge section of the website.


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