Recommendations for road safety accident investigation

The report 'Recommendations for Transparent and Independent Road Accident Investigation' provides several recommendations for the creation of a transparent and independent road accident investigations in all EU Member States. The recommendations have been constructed by specialists from 7 road safety organizations within the EU. Draft recommendations were refined and finalised after a European workshop in 2007.


Transparent and independent accident investigation requires sound procedures and protocols in four related areas of the investigation process:

For each of these areas, a number of recommendations aim to assure the transparency and independence of the investigation processes. The recommendations intend to build on existing best practice. They are designed to be as realistic, feasible, and achievable as possible. To this end an ‘Assessment Tool’ presenting questions with high (best practice), intermediate and low level ‘answers’ has been included in the report. With this tool each member state can assess its own road accident investigation procedures.


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