The Basic Fact Sheet Pedestrians provides accident data for 14 EU countries (EU-15 without Germany) over the period 1997-2006. The fact sheet includes several basic characteristics of fatal road accidents among pedestrians. For example: age and gender, light conditions or the seasonality.


In the last decade, pedestrian fatalities have reduced by 36,6%, while the total number of fatalities has reduced by nearly 30%. Road safety measures implemented in the last 10 years may thus have considerably improved pedestrian fatality numbers.

Fact: In 2006, nearly 3.500 pedestrians died from road traffic accidents in 14 European countries. This corresponds to 14% of road traffic fatalities in these countries.

Fact: The fatality rate of pedestrians at least 80 years old is ten times the rate for children

Fact: The share of female pedestrian fatalities is higher than the share of female fatalities in total.


Pedestrian fatalities per million inhabitants by country, 2006

* Data from 2005 (UK = GB 2006 + NL 2005)

** Data from 2004

*** Data from 2003

**** Data from 2002

Source: CARE Database / EC

Date of query: July 2008

Source of population data: EUROSTAT



For information on pedestrians, the scientific studies on the magnitude and nature of the safety problem, the contributing accident factors, and the effectiveness of countermeasures, please consult the Pedestrians and Cyclists text on the Knowledge section of the website.


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